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Buying or selling a home is likely one of the most important decisions you will ever make, and it should therefore be carefully planned. Since many real estate transactions involve complex issues, you are at a tremendous disadvantage if you do not have an experienced real estate attorney representing you. The attorneys and staff at Baillie & Hershman P.C. can provide you with the advice and assistance that you will need to meet these complexities. Whether you are buying, selling or refinancing a home, let us work for you to best tailor the transaction to meet your needs and interests.



Accurate and timely title work is essential to all real estate transactions. Our staff attorneys and title searchers can supply a title search on any property within five working days. In addition, you will receive comprehensive tax and lien information as well as appropriate title documentation. Faster response time is always available in critical situations.

Almost all property transactions today require title insurance. We are licensed agents for all of the major title insurance carriers and can supply you with the correct lender’s and owner’s coverages to protect your interests. We also resolve special underwriting problems and provide all necessary title insurance endorsements.

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Whether it is a home sale or home purchase transaction, the closing process is the culmination of everyone’s efforts. The documents and figures must be precise. Large sums of money change hands. We understand the importance of the closing and conduct them in a professional and efficient manner. Whether it is one transaction or a hundred, it is attention to detail that matters. We manage the closing process; obtain closing figures and all necessary written documentation to ensure reasonable and customary closing fees. Our meticulousness provides piece of mind to our clients.

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As part of the home sale settlement service, AATC provides legal document preparation. The review for proper execution is an important step in the closing management process that ensures that documents are executed properly for when the property is sold.

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AATC offers relocation closing management, title searching and equity calculation services for relocation management companies throughout the United States. Our company also offers a Nominee Service for those clients that do not wish to take title to the transferee’s property.

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The equity calculation procedure is part of the AATC home sale closing management process for the corporate client or relocation Management Company. AATC will update mortgage payoff information, property tax information and homeowner association dues in order to calculate the equity statement for the relocating employee.

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AATC partners with local providers and the selected real estate agent to ensure the transferring employee is charged only reasonable and customary closing costs for the new home. This closing management process includes the review of the Good Faith Estimate (GFE) and HUD-1 settlement statement. We will track broker referral fees to ensure they are correct and received in a timely manner.

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Our partner company, RAC Closing Services, LLC, provides a “take title” service for those relocation clients that have the double deed process and who do not wish to take title to the transferee’s property.

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AATC ensures that the local recordings for a transferee’s property take place in a timely manner according to local customs

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Real estate transactions can be stressful and sometimes complicated. Our partner company, the law firm of Baillie and Hershman, P.C. is available when you need them for all your real estate needs. The firm has over 30 years of experience in the relocation and real estate industries.

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Helping Make Real Estate Ownership Possible in Connecticut and Nationwide

Associated Attorney Title Company’s clients enjoy the same quality service and accurate results nationwide. A title and closing partner you can depend on to deliver for you and your clients anywhere anytime can mean a world of difference. Contact us today to learn more about how Associated Attorney Title Company extends beyond the borders of Connecticut to be a partner in transactions across the United States.

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